Sunday 5 January 2014

Doctor, Doctor

One of my finishes (well, near finishes!) for Christmas was a scarf for my husband. I started off trying conceal what I was up to, but he had guessed what I was making before I had even got to row 20!! Despite knitting at any time possible I was still finishing the gift on Christmas Eve! In the end I had to wrap it with all the ends (and there were lots of them!) not sewn in and no tassels!! But a couple of days later it was done.

So after 2 months of knitting, this set of wool:

became this scarf:

Knitted Doctor Who scarf

It measures about 6 foot which I believe is about 6 foot shorter than the official scarf but that was very much intentional! I knitted it on round needles so it is double thickness and super warm! 

With Christmas out of the way I can focus on sewing again! So I decided to move onto my other doctor who project! I am so far behind in the Doctor Who QAL that I have many blocks to pick from!

I decided to stick with the scarf theme. Thankfully this one didn't take me 2 months, just a couple of days! Yay! Here is the doctor's scarf:

Paper pieced Doctor Who scarf

On a bit of a roll, I also completed River Song's Diary this week.

Paper pieced River Song's Diary

I wonder how long I can keep up this productivity! 

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