Tuesday 21 January 2014

A girlie bag {Finish}

We seem to have had several birthday invites lately for the littlest one. She always gets very excited at the thought of a party. Many parents say no gifts or only something small. So I turn to my creative side at this point and work out a small gift.

So last weekends birthday gift was a pillowcase made with glow in the dark fabric. The littlest one was so excited by the gift she had it wrapped up before I realized I hadn't taken a photo. Ah well. The present wasn't unwrapped at the party but later in the day. It looked like a normal pillowcase until they shut off the lights at bedtime! Apparently, it went down a storm. 

This weekend we have another birthday party. This time for a girl, a very girlie girl who likes pink and sparkles! I had some pretty pink flannels and some accessories and an afternoon. I recently saw this bag and thought it looked an ideal shape and size for a 6 year old girl.

A sparkly initial

Front with sparkles and rick rack
The back
This is the first time I have used webbing for handles. It was so quick and easy! So now waiting to find out if it passes the test of my little one before handling it over as a gift! 

And I'm off to attack my weeping angel again! Only I think it's me that's doing all the weeping!

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