Friday, 11 July 2014

A couple of finishes

I have been busy sewing lately and not so busy blogging. I blame this on Instagram! If you follow on me Instagram you might have seen these pictures before. 

I spent the morning at YVR airport with my eldest daughter who is travelling alone to the UK for the summer. Many mixed feelings on this, but since I was sat  waiting for the plane to leave the ground I decided to do some catch up!

Yesterday when packing she was going to stuff a handful of friendship strings and bits into her carry on bag! I could see the problem with this, whilst she was blissful unaware of the mess she would have a couple of hours into her flight! So last night I whipped up a mini drawstring bag for her using the tutorial by In Color Order. This is a great tutorial so quick and simple! 

Mini lined drawstring bag

I also made her a summer top using some fabric she had seen in the shop a while back. I hope it's sunny and warm in the UK at the moment!! This is based on a top that Old Navy had but not in the colour she wanted. Shearing the top aside, this was a quick top to make!
Summer top

The youngest daughter has been doing a dance camp this week. Singing and dancing to everything Frozen. She has had a great time, as would any 5 year old girl I'm sure. So last weekend I played with sequins, satin and netting! Yuck! The outcome though was this Queen Elsa dress that she loves. 

The Front
The Back

Full on action shot

Had my fill of clothes making now. Back to the quilting :)

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