Monday 30 December 2013

Quilt backing

I had hoped to have finished the Mario quilt for the boy for Christmas but unfortunately it didn't happen! I had the front completed well in time. But the backing proved more tricky! I wanted it to be a bit more interesting than just a plain backing but knew I was limited by time! 

I have taken part in the Blossom Heart Quilts ABC Quilt along making my children's names (something else that needs finishing!). So I used her templates again to make the boy's name for the quilt backing. They had to be square to fit in with the pixelated theme of the front so I changed a couple of the letters to fit in with the look I wanted. I didn't take pictures of them as I was going along! 

But then I realized I hadn't got enough of the Kona aqua to complete the back! So 3 weeks before Christmas I ordered more fabric and sat patiently (not!) watching the days disappear waiting for the package to arrive in my post box. It took far longer to arrive than I anticipated, I guess Christmas post and all that. 

Two days before Christmas I finished piecing together the backing! But, by then, I had to accept that it wasn't going to happen so gave up pushing myself to complete it. 

Now I have the two pieces waiting to to be put together. Soon, hopefully!


  1. Very cool, it's better not to rush anyway.

  2. Yay! I totally understand that excited anxiousness awaiting mail. I'm sorry it didn't arrive soon enough, though!