Saturday 3 August 2013

Star Surround Quilt-A-Long

Well this wasn't on my list of 10 things to do this summer, although I have done some of them! But I just had to join in another of Melissa's quilt-a-longs - the Star Surround

I was really pleased with how the last QAL turned out (the Starburst Quilt) and her instructions are always really good. 

Quite a while ago I won some Heaven and Helsinki fabrics from Mad About Patchwork. I really couldn't decide what to do with them. Well now I have a project!

Last week we had to cut the fabrics and here they are looking fab. That's some Kona snow as the background.

This weeks task was to make some HSTs. 

I like doing projects like this where only little bits have to be completed in a week! Makes me smile when I feel I achieve something!

Now back to finishing my July goal that I seems to have slipped by the way a little...

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  1. They look wonderful. These fabrics are so fun together :) Great job on getting it done in time!! And I love doing it a little at a time as well ;)