Monday 8 July 2013

Ten Things This Summer

Sherri at A Quilting Life is hosting a linky party to share your list of summer goals. So I thought I would join in to help keep me going whilst the kids are off school and my sanity gets put to the test!

#1. To finish quilting my charm pack quilt. I really should think of a name for it too, but I am useless at naming things!

#2. To make the school lunch bags that my daughter asked for last year and have had the fabric sat around for ages. The fabrics are the Babyville Boutique which are meant to be used to make nappies, but since accidents happen with food and drink I thought these would be good for preventing spills in the school bags. 

#3. To make another 2 Mario blocks! I am aiming for this to be a Christmas present so need to get on since there is less than 6 months left! Ha! 

#4. To do something with at least one of these yummy charm packs I have stashed away!

#5. To decide on a pattern and start a Christmas table runner (or maybe cushions, who knows!) using these gorgeous A Little Merry Christmas fabrics!

#6. To keep up the swimming alongside the kids whilst they are in their swim lessons.

#7. After seeing this lovely hexie mini that Svetlana made a little while back, I thought something similar would be good for my hexies that are sat gathering dust (somewhere, when I can place my hands on them!). So, I just need to sew them together and make a whole load of solid colour ones and hey presto that will be another one done! Simple! Ha!

#8. I saw chalkboard cloth in my LQS a while ago and just couldn't resist getting some. I would like to make some placemats for the kids, maybe as Christmas presents and also as gifts for some friends of ours.

#9. I have some fabrics that should really be turned into hats and summer pjs for the kids! If I am not fast with this one though the summer will be over before they are achieved!

#10. To prepare myself for our youngest child to start Kindergarten in the autumn and what comes next!

Well, that looks ambitious! Especially given that we are only a week into the school holidays and it is proving to be busier than being at school! So, realistically, if I get even half way through that list I will be pleased!! Perhaps I should have prioritised them! Now there's a thought ...

Happy Summer :)

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  1. Terrific list! I should have prioritized my list too...hmmm...wonder if it's too late?