Monday 1 July 2013


After the recent flooding in Calgary and surrounding areas a few quilting initiatives have been set up to provide quilts to those who have lost so much.

One that caught my attention was Cheryl Arkison over at the Dining Room Empire who put out a call for quilters to make a slab block using scraps. The inspiration being based on the The Missing U quilt from Sunday Morning Quilts.

Now I, like most quilters, have plenty of scraps but I very rarely do anything with them, some appliqué occasionally. So, I dragged them out and set to it. I don't have the book but followed the simple instructions given on her post.

The block is so easy to make and goes together very quickly. Some of my scraps were quite small so it took a while on a couple of the blocks to get to the 15.5" square size. But I was having fun.

I have nearly finished 8 blocks over the weekend. There is another green one and a brown one is almost complete. I reckon I could easily get a few more out of my scraps. I am quite taken with how they look together. But, I think if I were doing a quilt with these I would have to have make the blocks smaller.

Happy Canada Day!


  1. They look great Jo! I wish I had more scraps to make more but alas I am still a newbie... This a super fun block to put together!

  2. They look great!
    I had the same problem getting them big enough...that last couple of inches seemed like a lot! LOL

  3. Great slabs, Jo! I think these quilts will be very cheerful when they are assembled...great to lift someone's spirits who has been through so much devastation. Judy