Wednesday 26 June 2013

Goodies in the post

Look at this lovely package of goodies that arrived in the post this morning! I was the lucky winner on the Jacey Craft Blog during the His and Hers Sew Along with Micro Mod with Green Bee Patterns back in April. Thank you for my lovely prize!

I think the last time I made myself a dress was nearly 20 years ago and I think I have a total of 2 dresses hanging in my wardrobe!! Not much of a dress person, especially with 3 kids to run around after. But maybe this pattern will inspire me...

The fabrics are just gorgeous. Can't wait to do something with them, but what...

At the beginning of the week I finally started quilting my charm pack challenge. I am about 1/3 of the way through, and so far so good :)

I wanted to do some straight line quilting as I have been focusing quite heavily on FMQ lately. So in the white space I have quilted four lines 0.25" apart and then a gap of 1". On the noteworthy fabrics I have been FMQ a flowing glass or stacked ripple type of pattern (it probably has a proper name that eludes me at the moment)

The next picture of the back of the quilt shows the two types of quilting more clearly!

I am finding quilting the straight lines more difficult than the FMQ! Probably because there is less room for error, if the lines aren't straight it is very noticeable!! Also, this quilt is not very large at roughly 44" x 50" and yet it is quite a handful trying to manoeuvre it through my domestic machine when doing the straight lines.

I find it strange to think if I had been asked 6 months ago what type of quilting I prefer, I would probably have said straight line quilting with the walking foot, but now, I would be more likely to say FQM! How things change!

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  1. Do you know, a prize-winning quilter just told me the same thing last week? She said FMQ is easier too. I have been struggling to quilt my first two quilts with the walking foot. I'm telling myself now they may be the last I quilt this way!