Wednesday 21 August 2013

3-ring zipper pouch

Whilst shopping for school supplies recently my daughter showed me a pencil case that attaches to a ring binder saying how her friend found these soooo useful. Translated into "Can I have one please!". 
Having just seen this tutorial here I refused to buy the plain black and red one she was holding, thinking I would make her one instead. Well that was a couple of weeks ago! How time flies!

So last night I pulled out some fabrics I received in a competition a while ago and set to making it. They are such fun colours. It went together quite easily, but I really should learn to read the instructions rather than guess what comes next, especially late in the evening and I am thinking I am nearly done!! I had to rip out some seams and do it again, which at gone 11pm was not a good thing to be doing! 

It had zippers, which I normally avoid! Not sure why as it wasn't as bad as I had expected!


And I added grommets to the side rather than the ties in the tutorial.

Anyway, all finished. And it was well received this morning. Now, how many days until school starts!?! 

Happy quilting.

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  1. Nice! I'm so glad that your hand crafted items are appreciated. Grommets look difficult.

  2. lucky mother used to paint designs on our lunch boxes 50 years ago...we could not afford ones with designs...i wish i had appreciated them more...i do now

  3. Great pouch, certainly more durable than a store bought one. And as a bonus harder to get switched by accident.