Wednesday 28 November 2012


My parents left last night to head back to the UK. My magic ironing, hoovering and school run fairies have disappeared but the worst bit, it has gone very quiet around the house. I see reminders around the house, like the empty spare bedroom, that remind me they are not here. I know it will fade again, but for the moment I feel low. 

But my youngest daughter T was off for a play day after preschool today so I had the whole day today do to something. I did have a work call in the middle of the day but that didn't last too long and no other interruptions until school pick up. 

So I again got out the thread I had in mind for quilting my Christmas quilt and practiced with some more patterns. I am thankful I did practice as I didn't like the result. Which was not what I planned as I so wanted to make some progress with the quilt. The thread is lovely and I like it but I think it is too heavy for the quilt and will take the emphasis away from the blocks. The patterns I tried today are far too Christmasy for the style and fabrics. Alas, it is still pinned on my design wall, taking up all the room and shouting at me QUILT ME! But there it will stay a bit longer.

So feeling a bit despondent I turned netflix on. I watched a sad film that made me cry, which knocked any kind of productivity out of me. But I did manage to finish off the Christmas pillowcases for the kids. 
That said, I have just taken the pictures and I notice a bit of an error! The trees and the people are not up the same way! Ahhhh. How did I manage that! So now I have the dilemma, do I undo it or just live with it!

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  1. It's hard to be so far away from your family. I hope you feel better soon, and stop watching sad movies, that will make it worse!! Anyhow, the pillowcases are really cute, the red one is fine, and so is the top one, but having said that, I would probably change it only because it will irk you every time you see it!! Have a good day.

  2. The pillowcases are really cute - I LOVE that tree print! I think you should change the pillowcase ONLY if you think you'll beat yourself up about it every time you look at it. It looks fine as is, but if it'll constantly bother you, then better to fix it than to fixate on it.

  3. Love the pillow cases! even if they are not quite exactly right! Remember, when you're sleeping no one will notice! And in the daytime, you are busy doing other things than to be looking at them...

    I feel your bit of empty, years ago, I dealt with the same situation...

  4. I know what you mean about that emptiness feeling, being far from family myself. As for your pillows, like the others have pointed out, if it will bug you if you don't change it go for it but I didn't notice it right away.

  5. I miss my parents too! Your post made me tear up. I think your pillow case is more than fine. Now it will never be upside down.

  6. I like visitors that leave the house a wreck better for this reason: I am so glad when they are gone and busy righting everything that I don't have the time to be sad. Your parents seem to be too considerate (see, of course it is your parent's fault :-) ). It will get easier with the passing of years.....
    As for the pillow case: I agree with Sam, they will never be upside-down.

  7. I know about that empty feeling. My daughter and granddaughter just left after a month visit. Very quiet and so not busy, now I have to entertain myself. Love the pillow as is, the people are looking down at the trees.