Thursday 1 November 2012

Houston - Quilts and Shopping!

Oh the fun we are having here in Houston. The weather has been hot and sunny, for the short periods of time that we have seen the outside world! Given that it is raining hard at home, that's rather nice.


View across town from the JP Morgan Observation floor

Shot outside the convention centre waiting for the bus

Our hotel: 
Glass lifts, that constantly whizzed up and down

Looking down at the bar from our 18th floor.

I dislike my photo being taken, so you won't ever see many of me, but this one just had to be done.

There are quilts galore! I would say the quilts were not always displayed well - such as information stands blocking some parts of the quilts, poor lighting, and a plastic tape to stop you getting too close hindered any decent photos. Moan over!

We didn't always agree with the judges either! But there certainly were some lovely quilts!

The Modern Quilt Guild had a display which was really good. It was really nice to see some quilts that I have seen in books or works by people I have read about, such as Elizabeth Hartman, Katie Pedersen, Jacquie Gering, Angela Walters and a variety of others.

The diversity is staggering and the amount of inspiration makes me want to rush home and start something new! ha ha!

The market area is well stocked with some lovely fabrics and loads more inspiration. I tried to win a lovely wooden cabinet full of maderia threads, but it wasn't my lucky day obviously. I have, however, purchased enough goodies to keep me going for a while. 

And we still have one more day. There are still plenty of quilts we haven't seen and many venders to visit too. Best rest the bones ready for more tomorrow :)

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