Wednesday 21 November 2012

Is it really Wednesday!

Not sure where the days have been disappearing too. With visitors here it has been quite busy and not much sewing! But, I do have a couple of things to show that I started and finished this week!

I start a new work contract on Friday and I really didn't like the idea of taking one of our old scruffy rucksacks with me with my laptop in. I wanted a nice laptop bag! A nice handmade laptop bag. :) Whilst at the Quilt Festival in Houston we found some oh so gorgeous flannels, I wish now I had bought more! But alas I bought just enough to make my bag, so this project has been in my mind for a little while, but it took until this week to actually do it! 

I used a pattern from 101 Patchwork Projects magazine. An easy enough bag, a bit fiddly in places and once I worked out what the pattern was actually trying to tell me to do, I finished it in a couple of evenings.

I wanted to have a space for my phone and office door card and a pen, you never know when you might need a pen! So under the flap I added a couple of pockets. I only just had enough fabric for all this, guess that's called lucky good estimation!

Although I adore the fabric and purple colour I had to add some appliqué to the front flap to give it some detail. I didn't have the time for proper hexagons so I cheated with bonding and sewing around them. Pictures are a bit dark, not a good time to be taking pictures at 11pm in poor lighting. 

Really pleased with it. Not feeling quite so confident about the job but at least I have a good bag to put the laptop in!

This next item has been on a to do list of mine since January (I wanted to be really organized this year and have them done long ago, ha, that didn't happen then) but tonight I finally got round to it. The first of three Christmas pillowcases for the kiddies. These are some Riley Blake flannels I got in a sale back in January. They are so soft and lovely, I am hoping I have too much fabric that I have enough for 5 pillowcases - I want one! :)

No progress on any of my quilts, ah well, can't win them all.

Hope everyone is having a productive week. 

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