Tuesday 23 January 2018

Temperature Quilt

I nearly did a temperature quilt last year. Looking back now, I'm so pleased I didn't start it as I don't think it would have made it very far. But with many of my WIPs well on their way and no other quilt alongs or big sewing commitments I've decided to do it.

I pulled my fabrics. It just had to be Moda's Grunge and Kona solids! My plan is to do a diamond in a square block for each day of 2018. The background will be the solids and represent the low temperatures, and the diamond in grunge the high temps.

Fabric Pull

So far I have done the first 10 days of January! Not sure I like playing catch up, so once I am caught up I'm going to have to try and stay on top of it or I can see it will slip out of control! 

Jan 1-10
There's quite a few here that are the same colours. I guess we've had a fairly stable temperature so far, although at times it hasn't always felt like it. 

Jan 1st on the left

I am working in degrees C, and have assigned 2 degrees per colour starting with <-3 up to >33. I have a range of 20 colours both in grunge and solids. We'll see how this turns out. 

I really need to print out my list of temperatures and stick my little reference squares on it as I keep getting confused as to what colour goes with what temperatures. Maybe being more organised will help with keeping on track.

Off to do the next 10 days now! Wish me luck.

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