Monday 8 January 2018

Finish Along 2018 - Q1

Last year didn't see many finishes but I did complete several quilt tops. So this year I am determined to complete some projects. A lot of my sewing late in the year was secret sewing as I attempted to complete four quilts for Christmas. This was a little too ambitious. I didn't manage to complete any of them, but I did get them all to either basted or half quilted.

So my list of things to finish include:

First up are the Harry Potter quilts I was frantically trying to get done for my 3 kids for Christmas. They were gifted in various states of unfinish. I have promised to get these done as soon as I can so they are my priority!

1. Harry Potter quilt number 1 - a few of the larger blocks require a little bit of quilting and the binding finished. Oh, and a label.

2. Harry Potter quilt number 2 - this needs quilting and binding.

3. Harry Potter quilt number 3 - this also needs quilting and binding.

4. Doctor Who quilt - This was the fourth quilt I was trying to get done before Christmas, I started it about 4 years ago. The blocks need a little quilting and the binding finishing.

Other things with less priority:

5. Do Good Stitches - I need to make a couple more of these blocks in order to complete the quilt top. The blocks have come from the ladies of the Happiness Circle Do Good Stitches group. Given I will be the quilter again in a few months I need to complete this one so I don't have too much of a back log!!

6. Tula Pink City Sampler - I don't really expect too much progress on this one this quarter, but I can aim high! It needs the backing finished and then basting. 

Looking forward to starting some new projects when these are done!
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  1. Your Harry Potter quilts look wonderful and are so close to being done. It won't take long. I think just starting a task is the hardest part.

  2. Wow, lots of great projects to work on. The HP quilts sure are fun!

  3. I really like these quilts - I look forward to seeing them completed.

  4. A lovely list of projects! I can see why the HP quilts are at the top of the list, being Christmas projects for your kids. I also love the unusal colouring of the Tula Pink quilt!! Thank you for joining the Finishalong!

  5. oooo I think yours is my favorite City Sampler. LOVE the HP and Doctor quilts!

  6. The Harry Potters are fantastic, but your Tula Pink is amazing.... Good luck.