Wednesday 1 April 2015

New Lunch Bags

I made some new lunch bags over the spring break, for the girls to take to school. The old ones were really quite revolting and smelly and falling apart. 

The pattern is by Ayumi of Pink Penguin. It's a great pattern, so easy to follow and quick and doesn't use large pieces of fabric. I made 2 in two days, so it must be quick and easy if I can manage that! 

I had just enough of these adorable cupcake flannel fabrics that were perfect and some Babyville Boutique fabrics. These are water resistance so I used them for the insides, just in case something should spill it might stay contained, possibly!

Pink cupcake lunch bag

More cupcakes on the inside!

More cupcakes on the inside

Blue cupcake lunch bag

I still need to make a new bag for the boy, but I'm not sure this pattern really suites a boy lunch bag. So I am on the hunt for a more boy-like pattern or I might have to make one up based on his current bag. 

The fabrics are patiently sat waiting for me

I am going to make this my April goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes! It will hopefully make me get on and do it! Linking to 

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