Sunday 26 April 2015

A bookshelf gift

I have just spent the last couple of weeks shadowing a librarian in my local library as part of one of my college courses. I wanted to make gift to say thank you.

I thought some books might be appropriate for a librarian! So I set to making a mug rug using the bookshelf block by Don't Call Me Betsy

Bookshelf Block

I have a small collection of selvedges that I searched through for good book names. As a signature I embroidered my name and the year onto one book spine - the blue circle spine. It's almost visible in this picture.
After layering it I quilted around the books.

A bookshelf with book names

I used some just type (I think) fabric for the back.
The Back

The binding is a Kona solid, maybe teal or something like that. I did a single binding because of the size but I didn't do the mitre corners like I normally do, I now wish I had. I don't like the square corners that result from not using the mitred corner method. 

Binding corners

Here is the finished mug rug! It finished up larger than I had anticipated! But I guess the recipient could hang it up instead of using it as a mug rug.

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