Thursday 5 February 2015

A Lovely Year of Finishes - February Goal

So for the month of February! I want to get these blocks put together. 

Moderninstabee blocks

I was part of a moderninstabee group this last year, it it just coming to an end now. I have completed the last block and just need to send it off to the queen bee. For my first year taking part in a bee I consider it a success on the whole. 

I received blocks from 10 members of the bee, but have a total of 13 blocks (a couple of ladies sent me two blocks, so generous, and I made 2). 

I asked for aqua and grey or yellow and grey with a white background. Sadly two blocks arrived with an off white background and not a white background and they stand out too much for my liking so they can go on the back. 

I have unstitched and resewn some of them!! Yes, I do consider this quite mad! I am really quite picky about some things and points is one (mental note: next time don't pick a block with lots of points!) Also one block was nearly an inch under the finished size of the others which I felt was too much to try and fudge. And one had some seams that were coming loose. But I liked the blocks and I didn't want them to sit in a box gathering dust forever more so I have rectified some of the issues and now I can move on.

I was thinking of doing the quilt as you go method but have changed my mind on that and have decided tol assemble the top and make a backing like normal.

So this months goal is to get the quilt top all sewn together and make a backing. If I can get it basted and ready for quilting that would be good too, but it's a short month, so we'll see how we go.

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