Sunday 25 January 2015

A Lovely Year of Finishes - January Finish

My goal for January was to make two more fabric boxes to put the last of my messy scraps in - post is here.

The scraps I wanted to sort out looked like this at the start of January.

I managed to focus quite well at the start of the month and did well completing this goal. Having made some before they came together reasonably quickly.

I even got to test out the new wonder clips I received for Christmas! How did I ever manage without them!

So here is the finished black / grey fabric box. I guess I don't collect many of these colours as the box is half empty now I have used up all of the smaller scraps. Although that said, my solids are kept elsewhere and there's certainly a variety of greys in that pile! 

Black / grey fabric box

And the brown box:

Brown fabric box

Brown is another colour that I rarely use now, although there is still a reasonable size collection there! Once upon a time it was all about brown plaids and stars and often flannels too. How things change!

So here is my final collection of fabric boxes on the shelf:

All the colours together!
My youngest obviously felt a colour was missing and asked if I was going to make a purple box! Looking through my entire collection I have maybe 5 pieces of purple fabric! Not even enough to make the box! However, I suspect a colour that might be needed in the future will be aqua! If I ever get round to cutting into some of my collections and making some scraps :)

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  1. What a great idea to make boxes in different colours! Did you have a pattern for how to make them?

  2. What a fun idea for open shelves. I don't think my fabrics out fit in boxes, though maybe i'd stop at the box size and not collect more. LOL

  3. Oh I love your baskets, so creative!