Friday 16 January 2015

My first Sew Together Bag!

The Sew Together Bag by Sew Demented is all over Instagram and probably other places too and I have been meaning to try this pattern for ages but haven't been brave enough until now. 

I kept it simple for this first attempt, so just a single piece of fabric quilted for the outside. Many others have made elaborate outer casings for the bag. I have plans to try other designs but not this one.

I had some Parson Gray fabrics which are I have not found a use for until now. I mixed in a kona solid too, a teal maybe, not sure what it's called though to calm down the patterns a bit!


The pattern said to cut all the pieces first, so I actually took some notice of this and prepared all my pieces. I must say it did help! Made putting it together much quicker!
If you are considering making one these bags I recommend checking out this great tutorial by The Quilt Barn.  It will lead you through the process of making this bag step by step, with loads of helpful pictures! Not sure I would have made it through to the end unscathed without it ;-)

All the Pieces cut and ready to go!

It didn't take too long to get to the point of having 3 zippers installed.

Three zippers installed

The hardest bit I found was doing the binding. I'm not very good at machine binding and this calls for it. I often find that when I am topstitching I miss the underside of the binding because I have sewn too close to the edge or I have pulled the binding too far over on the underside and the stitches are too far away from the edge that it looks wrong. I usually spend a lot of time with my stitch ripper at this point!

But I got there. It doesn't look too bad for a first attempt. It works which is even better! Now for a few pictures.

All zipped up and ready to fill!

I thought it was going to be a bit busy with all the different patterned fabrics but with the Kona solids it has toned it down a bit.

Now I have made one I think there will probably be more to follow! There is also a mini version worksheet available here!! Oh the possibilities are endless!!!

This was one of my Finish Along goals for the first quarter! Yay! 


  1. Your bag is just fabulous! Your fabric choices are so perfect. Awesome job!

  2. It turned out really well. I struggle with the machine binding too. Great job!