Saturday 23 February 2013

Square Eyes!

So what 18 inch block could possible take 324 squares to construct! 

A Super Mario Bros block, that's what!

I was browsing the internet one day and came across some blogs I had not visited before. Don't you just love finding new places to visit. One site I stumbled across was the Cut to Pieces blog. Some great inspiration but one quilt in particular that caught my eye! 

Last year she held a Super Mario Bros QAL!! It's a shame I didn't come across this when it was running, but hey ho! 

I have a 6 year old son who just loves Mario! When we moved continents we bought our wii games console with us but it stopped working after about 6 months or so. He was not a happy boy, but it was summer so there was plenty of other things to do! 

Unfortunately, the games are region based! So, we had the dilemma of do we buy a new wii here and reinvest in all the old games or do we try and get an old one that would work with the games we had. Well, last Christmas Granny and Granddad visited us and our son has been reunited with a working wii! Mario is back in our house!

So, when I saw this quilt I just knew I had to make him one. Oh, and my husband apparently wants one too! Hmm... there are a lot of little squares involved, maybe one is enough! We'll see!

In the instructions it calls for some 12 yards of fusible interfacing. Well I didn't have any of that and it sounded rather expensive so I am sewing mine together individually!! Oh boy, I might regret that decision!

Here is Mario in rows :)

I have to keep this one under wraps which is really hard with all the work that is going to go into it! I so want to pin it on my design wall and say 'hey look at this'! Alas, poor Mario sits in a pile out of the way only to be touched when said little boy is in bed or at school!

I am going to have to work faster than 1 block a month though if it is to be done by Christmas! Anyhow, here is Mario completed!! 

324 squares for the block

Next up Luigi or maybe a mushroom.

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