Monday 4 February 2013

First finish this year!

I started this quilt way back in the summer last year. It was to be a baby quilt for my friend's baby that was due in the September. But having made a pillowcase for the older brother in the same fabric I decided at the last minute I would make a different baby quilt. The result was this one I completed back in September.

So I this one was put on hold for the older brother's birthday present to match his pillowcase. Thinking I had loads of time I kept put off finishing it for far too long and doing lots of other things in between. Well his birthday was in the middle of January and I finally gave him the quilt last week all finished and labelled. 

The Front
The Back

Some of the quilting

Half way through quilting it (with the deadline approaching fast) my machine decided to play up and I had to unpick a whole chunk of it that did not sew properly! I was not a happy bunny!

Anyway, it's finished and despite using a blue thread in places on the back, that I regretted afterwards, I was pleased with it. More to the point the little boy it went to was over the moon, much to my amazement as it wasn't an actual car - he is car mad! Apparently, it has made bed time and nap time easier having it on his bed! :)

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