Wednesday 20 February 2013

Coming along nicely

My February goal is to complete the Starburst quilt. So I have been busy working on it all week. It sat for a few days on my design wall, all basted and waiting to be quilted, before I could decide how to quilt it. Oh, and while my machine had a bit of a hissy fit on me and didn't want to sew without making a horrendous noise! I gave it a good clean and talked to it nicely and thankfully it is now behaving again!

So, I have quilted the centre with one free-motion pattern and I am going to use a different pattern on the narrow border. Melissa at Happy Quilting is holding a little parade of the completed quilts on 4th March so I am only going to show some of my progress. 

Also this week I have been finishing off the last couple of blocks on the Something New Sampler QAL and deciding on my layout. 
The cathedral windows block was certainly very time consuming and there are a few things I would do differently if I did it again. Firstly, I discovered too late that I should have used some fusible web to stick down the background fabrics before I started to turn back the window. In the corners I can see the background square fraying already and it shows if you look closely! Also I would have chosen a different colour pattern had I thought more about how it was going to turn out. But that's all part of the learning curve, right!

Cathedral Windows

The other remaining block to do was a scrappy block. Having completed all the other blocks I now had loads of scraps so this was fun to use up some of those small bits, I do hate wasting fabric!

Scraptastic Block

And I had a load of Beaver badges to sew onto a uniform. Horrible, horrible job! A while ago I had mistakenly sewn one of the Brownie badges on the Beaver uniform. Oh boy, was I unpopular! They both took part in the same event and I assumed it was his badge, I was wrong!! Oops! But I have now rectified the problem and have a happy boy again with a completely covered uniform. Good job he moves up to Cubs later this year!

So that has been my week of sewing, it has whizzed by. 

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  1. Your Cathedral Window is adorable!! I am thinking about starting one. Is the fusing your only advice?

    Yours looks so very it!

  2. I really love your Cathedral Windows block. It is so pretty. I think your color placements are perfect!

  3. Your cathedral windows are wonderful and well worth the time they took.

  4. Your cathedral windows look absolutely and perfectly stunning!

  5. Sew glad your machine is feeling better! Your quilting looks so perfect!

    The Cathedral Window piece is lovely!

  6. Oh I love both of your posted projects! That cathedral window is breath taking to me. Hahaha I totally laughed out loud about your badge sewing issues, no doubt that's funny. Poor kids, poor mom, good times.

  7. Love the cathedral windows. And I have 2 girls in Brownies/Guides and they just had badge night which means I have a slew of them to sew on. Your right, horrible job!

  8. Love your cathedral blocks!
    And had a good chuckle about the brownie badges !!

  9. I love your cathedral windows. I never enjoy sewing on the badges.

  10. Lovely projects! May I suggest Fray-Check for the corners of your Cathedral Windows?

  11. Cathedral windows look beautiful...well worth the time :)