Saturday 12 January 2013

Phone pouch

Until recently I had an old hand-me-down Blackberry that really had seen better days. It spent more time on charge than me using it. Even so I was quite surprised to unwrap a new white iphone on my birthday.

Trouble is I now feel I have to take much more care of this new phone than I did of my old beaten up Blackberry. So the first thing I did was to pull out some fabric to make a cover for it. 

I used the tutorial by Amy Friend at During Quiet time, found here. And some fabric I fell in love with at the Houston Quilt Festival. I was generous when cutting out the pattern as I have a case on the phone for added protection! It is still rather a tight fit though. But I am pleased with it.

iPhone pouch
One of my new years resolutions was to improve my fitness. There is an app (since there is an app for everything, right?!) that we are using to get back to running 5km easily. The app tells you when to run and when to walk but to keep taking the phone out of this pouch was a bit tiresome. 

So I just had to make a slightly different pouch for when I go out running. I wanted to be able to see the screen whilst the phone was in the pouch.

In the cupboard I had some clear plastic vinyl. So I modified the pattern slightly and produced this little pouch with a strap to put on my wrist to prevent me dropping it!! 

The only thing I regret doing is putting the iron on the vinyl and marking it. But other than that it works just how I wanted it to. So now there is no excuse for keeping up with the fitness plan!!

Now back to completing some of my unfinished projects! 

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  1. Great little project, and good luck with the fitness challenge too!