Tuesday 22 January 2013

Modern Folded Block

So week 2 of the Something New Sampler QAL. There are two blocks this week - a folded block and a scraptastic block. I have no scraps in my set of fabrics (yet) so I have put this one on hold for a minute. 

So to the folded block. I am not usually a fan of folded blocks, but I gave it a go all the same. Here is the end result:

Modern Folded Block
I think I should have used less fabrics. Not sure the turquoise and green strips should be there, or maybe it's the pink that should not be there. Anyway, it all seems a bit too busy for my liking. 

I like things to be equal and I found getting my strips to sit equal and straight was quite a challenge! I gave it a go, but I do conclude that I am not keen on folded blocks! 


  1. hmmm, yes, I was thinking the tourquoise + green as well...i actually really like those fabrics and color combination the best in the block tho! you could prob either replace those with the pink and yellow or replace the grey and yellow on the right with the green + tourquoise. of course, i'm lazy and say call it good, lol :)

    1. It is the turquoise I liked too. I was trying to introduce some of the other colours, but it didn't work. ha! I shall let it sit on my design wall for a while and see what I make of it! I dislike redoing things, so it might just get put down to an experiment that didn't work! :)