Tuesday 21 August 2012

Hat Trick

I so like projects that are quick and can be completed in an evening, especially when it's clothes sewing and not quilting. This is one of those projects :)

I came across this wonderful pattern for a bucket hat (bucket hat). My son badly needed a new hat for the summer. So I made the largest size, age 6-8 years head size 21 inches. Well, he is 6 and his head measures 21". But I suspected this might be a little tight so made a girlie one first as my girls have slightly smaller heads. I finished the hat in one sitting, only a couple of hours! So impressed with myself. Here is the final product. Not very good photos, sorry.

But unfortunately it fits none of my children! It perching on top of my 3 year olds head! I am not sure if it is my children having odd heads or inaccurate sewing (usually my seams are on the small side) but something went a miss somewhere. 

So I went back to the sewing machine. I enlarged the pattern a little using the scanner and tried again! Hat number 2, it fitted one child's head. Yay! So I WILL try again, third time lucky :) Watch this space!

It was fun making them though. Very easy to do, after mastering the first one! Give it ago :)

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