Saturday 18 August 2012

Change of plan!

I got half way through finishing the cushion for the birthday present when I decided, that although I loved it, it had diverged from the intended purpose. I wanted to make a cushion that a 9 year old could attempt to copy or be inspired to do part of it, but the appliqué pattern I was doing really was beyond her (and her sewing machine) ability at the moment. 

So I started again and made four small traditional blocks in some Starr Design Fabrics I had. Then on the back I used steam-a-seam to appliqué a few more shapes. Two different techniques that she could perhaps try.

This was the end result, and I was quite pleased:

More to the point it got finished on time and the young lady in question thought it was wonderful, so that made my day!

But now I have a half finished cushion front that I know will now sit there until I can find time to finish quilting it. Especially as it has no home yet.

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