Sunday 26 August 2012

Flower Garden cushion

I started this cushion cover as a gift to a young girl with the intention of showing her the kind of things she could do using fabric and her sewing machine. I got half way through quilting it and took one look and thought this is beyond her ability, yet. So I started again with a different design.

So this cover sat for a while half done staring at me. I kept thinking I should finish it, but with nobody in mind to give it to, it stayed on the side unfinished. Then last night, quite randomly, I decided I would finish it. And here is the finished item:



The pattern comes from Don't Look Now, she has some lovely things over on her blog, although I think she has moved to Facebook now. I really enjoyed creating this, and had forgotten the joy of appliqué and the wonderful look you get at the end.

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