Sunday 25 March 2018

Wide open zippered pouch for knitting projects

I am currently knitting a pair of socks as a test knit for some local designers, Knox Mountain Knits. I love their patterns and this one is no exception. Until now most of their patterns have been hats, mitts or shawls. These things don't often take me too long to knit. But these socks have been more time consuming for me and have been taking me away from the sewing machine a little. Although I have enjoyed evenings of sofa time knitting after a busy day.


The other day, however, I wanted to sew and I wanted a quick project. So I decided to make a new knitting pouch to put the sock project in. These socks have attended swimming lessons, soccer games, strings concerts and just waiting in the car! So I know a new pouch will get well used.

I have had some cork fabric sitting around for a while and it was telling me to use it. I used the tutorial by Stitchmischief, which is really easy to follow. 

I also chose to use some of my stashed Blueberry Park fabric too. They really shouldn't just sit on my shelf forever more! It turned out better than I expected and only took me 1 day to make! The perfect project. 

With plenty of room for a sock knitting project! 

And I just had to celebrate the completion with a short time out in the sunshine on the deck with a cup of tea, cos it wasn't really as warm as it looked!

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