Saturday 24 March 2018

More blocks for the box exchange

It would appear that other members of the quilt group have not been waiting until the end of the month to swap boxes and have raced ahead a little. So this month I have done the same thing and made a few blocks.

The first couple of blocks made for this challenge can be seen here.

First up this month was a paper pieced block. The paper and the starting white square was provided and I picked the colour orange. I do like orange. It's a bright and fun, and I actually have orange fabrics unlike some other colours! This block came together so quickly and easily! I am tempted to make a quilt like this for myself!! This quilt is going to be a rainbow quilt and I think it will look fantastic when finished. 

Next up the description said to make a black/red/grey 10" modern block. I looked up modern blocks to gain some inspiration. The definition of modern can be so encompassing. Modern I can be interpreted in a variety of different ways. For instance, a traditional block in modern fabrics, or maybe a modern block with a twist. A variety of fabrics were provided with this box, so I used several of them. I chose to make a star block. The instructions were for a 6 inch block and as I am discovering I struggle to do the math to make the block the size I want. This block should have been on more of a faulty angle, but sadly I didn't cut some of my fabrics big enough be able to do that properly. So my block doesn't look quite the way I had envisioned, but I like it and I think it looks reasonably modern next to the other ones in the box already.

Lastly for this month, I had to make a disappearing block using black and white with a splash of red. It would appear that black and white are not fabrics I gravitate towards when shopping! So I struggled to find these in my stash. And they look quite different to the other black and white fabrics used in the other blocks in the box. The other ladies choice of fabrics are more flowery, so I hope my block doesn't stand out too much. This was a fun one to make. Making a 9 patch with some plain and some HSTs and then slicing it up and sewing it back together in a different order. I like this block, I just hope it fits in with the others ok.

At the beginning of each meeting we have a quick show and tell of the boxes. The owner of the box is not allowed to see all the blocks until the end of the exchange, but everyone else gets to see the blocks. This is really fun and interesting to see everyones interpretation of the box theme!

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