Sunday 1 March 2015

Another one!

I made another sew together bag! This one here was the first one I made not very long ago! This time I used some of my favourite fabrics! Zen Chic's Comma. There's something about the bright yellow and green with the greys and whites. My stash of these is depleting, I so wish I had brought more! :( The plain grey fabric is a quilter's linen. 

The tutorial (Quiltbarn) suggests getting all the bits ready before starting! I would normally just jump in and start, but it really is so much quicker to prepare all the pieces first.

For this bag I wanted to do some embellishments on the outside. Some hexies! I love them, but I find I just haven't got the time to hand sew them very often. So these were machine sewn down. And then some 1/4 inch straight line quilting. I had envisioned a cross hatch quilting pattern, but when I got this far I decided it was enough and liked i as it was.

And here is this final finish.

And the inside.

These are really quite addictive once you've made one! And I want to try making the smaller version too! I'm thinking gifts for the kids!

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