Tuesday 4 March 2014

A very pink cushion ** Finish **

Nearly a month ago now my brother's second baby girl arrived, a few weeks early but all well thankfully.

After the birth of their first little girl, 2 years ago, I made this cushion for her. 

I went through my patterns but couldn't find one I wanted to use. So, I took the baby's name, Brooke, and made it the focus. I pulled out some fabrics to piece the backing and some pretty batiks for a variety of appliqué features. 

Using a perle thread I quilted around the appliqué features and in the borders. 

It did turn out a bit pinker than I had anticipated! I hope she will be a pink girl!


  1. She will definitely be a pink girl while she snuggles up to this lovely cushion!

  2. You don't need to be a "pink" girl, to love that pillow. The first one is gorgeous, as well.