Saturday 16 March 2013

Voting - Something New Sampler

Amy over at The Cute Life has now opened up the voting for the Something New Sampler! There are some great finishes so go take a look here and cast a vote for your favourite.

Due to problems with my sewing machine I didn't get round to quilting my quilt top entry. Looking at some of the quilted ones I am now wishing I had done the QAYG method as this whole quilt is going to be more tricky to manoeuvre through my machine. Especially as some of the blocks are quite thick due to the techniques used. Oh well, you live and learn!  

My sewing machine is home again!! Yay! I was so excited to go and pick it up on Friday! Only when I did, I discovered that my (very essential) power converter had not been returned with the machine! So I have a wonderfully clean, apparently perfectly working machine - that did not need a new gear set in the end! Phew! But I still can't sew until I get my little black power box back! Pure torment having the machine waiting to be used and no way of turning it on! :( 

Oh well, I will continue with the hexies! :)

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