Saturday 21 July 2012

Christmas in July

I have been watching each new block be posted on the site and I have waited patiently for my fabrics to arrive in the post so that I could start. They took much longer to arrive than I had expected!

There is a link here for the first block should you want to take a look.

So this afternoon whilst the children were occupied playing the piano and laughing at videos of themselves when they were babies, I cut out the fabric for my first block. As soon as they went to bed I started sewing it together. 

I started with block 7 by Persimon Dreams as that one took my fancy! And here it is:

It went together quite easily and I am quite pleased with it, unlike the second block I started. The next one I picked has given me some trouble. It got late so I decided I would have to look at a fresh tomorrow to see how it should go together.

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