Thursday 18 October 2018

Finish Along 2018 - Q4

The last quarter really passed me by. In August we discovered we were relocating to Calgary, so life kind of went a little crazy in order to be moved and settled in time for school to start on September 4th. The move happened in time for school, but the 'settled in new accommodation' didn't happen until much later in the month. 

Needless to say absolutely no progress was made on anything on my list, so it remains the same. Although this quarter I do have a quilt retreat, so I really should be able to finish at least 1 item on this list! 

1. Tula Pink City Sampler - needs finishing!

2. Milky Way Sampler - needs quilting and binding.

3. Do Good Stitches Quilt - needs assembling and quilting.

4. Dining room chairs - still need to make 5 cushions!

5. Finish the ribs and cables hat

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