Monday 3 April 2017

2017 - Q2 Finish Along

I really don't know how we are into April already. I completed nothing on my list for last quarter, but did make some progress on some. I am going to shorten my list for this quarter and see if that helps the focus.

1. Tula Pink City Sampler - the top is complete. I am in need of a little more fabric to complete the back and then I can get this one basted together. Maybe this quarter I can get it done.

2. Rainbow 9-patch - I corrected the two blocks that were in the wrong place, and I have made a few extra blocks to add to the top and bottom. I have started to create the back. I sometimes wish I could just bring myself to buy enough fabric to have a plain back, as I'm sure I'd finish more quilts that way! 

3. Dr Who! Still no progress - but I am hoping this week I might be able to lay it out and see how the plan is coming along.

4. Harry Potter - I have been quilting along with Whims and Fancies (here) when she started her quilt along back in July last year. She is publishing a couple of blocks monthly but there have been several breaks too which is great for playing catch up. When the kids saw my blocks, there was a small dispute over who this quilt would actually be for especially as all 3 kids are Harry Potter fans. So I am now making 3 quilts! I am gradually duplicating some of the blocks and adding a few extras that I have found else where on the internet. This is the collection so far.

That is all I am going to list for now as I really do want to make some major progress on all these quilts this quarter! My plan is to gift all but the Tula Pink Sampler by the end of the year! I have set myself quite the challenge there, but should be achievable (I hope!).

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  1. The Tula Pink City Sampler is stunning. Well done you! Good luck tackling your other projects the next quarter =)

  2. The quilt tops are beautiful. Three Harry Potter quilts??!! That is incredible :)


  3. The Tula Pink sampler is quite impressive. I really like the colour palette. Rainbow 9 patch is pretty. I like how the white crisps the whole top up. I keep telling myself I will do some blocks from Whims and Fancies and yet... It's cute the kids are fighting over the quilt, and quite the compliment.

    I have kept my goals simple for now - 2 BOMs and anything else is a bonus. I have finished both BOM blocks for April and am hoping for some bonus points.