Sunday 8 January 2017

2017 - Q1 Finish Along

A new year! A new list with some of the old WIPs still on it, and some new projects too. My list never seems to get any shorter, but I'm ok with that (for now!). I found a couple of quilt alongs that started this month and I just couldn't resist joining in, but that's another story! 

Again, I'm going to list everything here to keep track and hope that some get some attention and not completely forgotten.

1. Tula Pink City Sampler - I have made some progress on my 100days100blocks quilt in the last few days. I have now sashed all 100 blocks and decided on the layout (that took quite some time!). Now to sewing it all together into a quilt top.

(this is going to be one huge quilt!)

2. Rainbow 9-patch - I started this one in November hoping to have it done for my daughter's birthday! Ha, well that was far too ambitious. I have many more 2.5" squares ready for sewing around as a border, I want it a bit bigger than it is at the moment. This one definitely has a deadline this year.

(oh, I just noticed that two of my blocks are in the wrong places! Always good to check these things! ha!)

3. Dr Who - still no progress. I really must finish this one this year though! 

4. Crochet blanket - this is the first proper piece of crochet I have ever achieved! It was a crochet along with Fiber Flux before Christmas. I love that it uses chunky yarn as the hexagons come together very quickly and as it it constructed using the crochet as you go method it already looks like a blanket! Success :)

5. Ombre log cabin - no progress and no deadline

6. Simply colourful - no progress and no deadline

7. Orange and yellow 9-patch - hand quilting is not something I do very often, but I will get there, eventually.

8. Beeutiful quilt - I still only have 6 blocks finished. I feel this might be more of a summer project that I can sit and do outdoors.

My primary goal for the month (or maybe quarter!) is to finish the city sampler 100 blocks quilt, or to at least get it to the point of quilting.

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  1. You have wonderful selection of beautiful projects on the go. I would find it hard to pick which one to work on next! Good luck with your finishing goals in 2017.

  2. So many beauties here! My City Sampler is going on my list too, so let's finish that quilt up this quarter! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2017 global FAL hosts.

  3. Beautiful projects! Good luck!

  4. The layout of the Tula Pink Samler looks great - so definitely worth the time. Anyway fun projects on your list so sending you some motivation!

  5. Yes, please finish the Dr Who Quilt, the blocks do look awesome =)