Sunday 10 April 2016

Oakshott Quilt ** Finish! **

The first finish of the year! The Oakshott quilt that was started almost a year ago. 

Quite a while ago I won a £100 gift certificate to spend at Oakshott and was able to get quite a range of fabrics with it (See here). My mum and I needed a new challenge so we decided to share the fabric and make joint quilts. We each made a starting block and then sent it to the other to have it added to. I guess a bit like a round robin type quilt, only we didn't restrict ourselves to what could be added. 

The two starting blocks (mine on the right, mums on the left):

We continued to send them backwards and forwards until we decided it was the perfect size (or maybe we'd had enough by then!).

The end pieces (mums on the top, mine on the bottom):


I decided mine needed to be heavily quilted. So I selected matching threads and did lots of different free motion quilting patterns.

I took lots of pictures of the quilting, because I really liked how it turned out! :) The back looks pretty good too.

And the final piece front and back:

The front

The back

I don't have a picture of my mum's finished quilt (yet!). We are now trying to decided on our next challenge for each other. Watch this space.

This was on my list of WIPs to get finished this year, and one of my goals for the Finish Along (here).

2016 FAL

No Pattern.
Fabrics: Oakshott Cottons.
Quilted: Free Motion quilting by me using a variety of cottons.
Started: Apr 2015
Finished: Mar 2016
Size: 25" x 24"


  1. Love your quilting, wish I had quilted more on mine now!

  2. Wow, your quilting is AWESOME!

  3. These quilts are wonderful and such fun to do a round robin with your mom! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global hosts.