Sunday 28 February 2016

Rope Bowls

I had been watching lots of rope bowls appear on Instagram and eventually found some cotton rope at my local DIY store.

I searched for some tutorials. I am not one to just jump in without checking out how to do these things! The tutorial I used was this one at Flossie Teacakes

They really are not very difficult to make and do not take very long either. This was my first bowl. 

I used a variegated purple thread in the middle. I am not too keen on the shape of this one. I think the base was not large enough and so the sides ended up too steep. But it holds my wool very nicely, so that's ok.

I changed it up a bit of the next bowl. I wrapped the rope with some fabrics before sewing it together. I used my favourite comma fabrics, but really anything could be used because you can't really tell what the fabrics are.

The base is much bigger on this one and so the sides are not so steep or high. I am liking this one much more. The next thing to address is finishing the end. of the rope. I wrapped the end of this one in fabric and stitched it down. I have seen other bowls which much nicer finishing. Oh dear, I shall have to make another one! :)

They are such fun to make, and would make excellent gifts. I see more in my future!

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