Thursday 3 September 2015

A Plus Quilt

A few weeks ago I pulled out my Denise Schmidt Florence collection to make a plus quilt. There are a few other fabrics in this photo that aren't from the collection but initially I wanted some more light colours.

I kind of had it in my mind to have a colour gradation from light to dark. However, after much moving of fabric around I decided it wasn't working. I guess partly because there are so many colours in this collection and I just wasn't feeling it. So abandoned my initial idea before I lost complete interest in the entire project!

I added some solid colours and split the collection by colour and tried again. The arrangement I ended up with is this:

I rarely buy large quantities of a fabric unless it has a specific purpose. So not having anything large enough for a backing I created one using the same fabrics. These pluses are larger than the ones on the front, and finished at 12 inches rather than 9 inches. I only just had enough of the Kona Ash (I think it's ash!) to complete it!

I am liking the back more than the front now! Possibly because it is simpler, less busy than the front.

It's now basted and patiently waiting for me to quilt it! I think I might have just enough of the aurifil 4670 to quilt it. However, I have now hit my usual problem of how should I quilt it! So it will no doubt sit for a while until I can decide on a design or the deadline will get so close that I am forced to get on with it! 

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