Friday 6 June 2014

Boxy Pouch {Finish}

I made a boxy pouch! I usually avoid zippers as I think they will be tricky. But I have a need for a pouch so thought I would give it a go.

I found a tutorial for a boxy pouch here by Pink Stitches.

I want to use the pouch for toiletries so decided to use some of the babyville boutique PUL fabric I have had sitting around for a while. This was probably not the best fabric to choose for the first try at the pouch! But hey, I like a challenge. 

I managed to do it, with quite a large amount of unpicking and fiddling! The PUL fabric moves too much when sewing. But at least that's hidden on the inside. 

Boxy Pouch
I practiced some FMQ on the outside. I did loops and hearts to make the stripes a little more feminine than their are. This is a pouch for my big girl who is doing some travelling on her own this summer. She likes blue so hopefully this will appeal to her.

I might have to try another one of these pouches but with some more forgiving interior fabrics!

Happy sewing. 

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