Friday 3 May 2013

Lovely Year of Finishes - May Goal

I didn't manage to meet my goal last month! I had wanted to finish off my Something New Sampler! But I got too easily distracted with other things this month!

Some girlfriends and I went skiing in Whistler! Oh what fun that was. Fresh snow (even in April!!), clear sunny skies, an apartment next to the gondola and the bar, and good company. I was a bit sad last week though as we took the skies back to the rental shop, confirming that the ski season is now over for this year! But it's out with the bikes instead :)

I did complete another Mario block. That's now 5 blocks! I have just cut out enough 1.5" squares to do the next 2 blocks.

I did spend a lot of time quilting my Something New Sampler quilt top. I have another block and the border to quilt and then the binding to sew on. So it's nearly there. If I had picked an all over quilt pattern I would be done, but instead I experimented. I didn't realise how long each block would take me!

So to this month's goal! It is our sons birthday in 3 weeks. The Mario quilt certainly won't be done by then, so I am thinking a cushion for him. He has one at the moment which is Peter Rabbit, but I think he may have outgrown that now. I'm thinking something Mario related.

So my goal for this month is to make a large cushion for the birthday boy. Oh, and finish the Something New Sampler! First stop, the store for more green thread!

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  1. Jo: The Something New Sampler quilt is fantastic. I love the different quilting you are doing with each block. Stunning. And Mario! Wow! Any guy would love a Mario pillow for their 3rd Birthday :) Happy quilting!

  2. I think the Mario cushion is a great idea! It'll go with the quilt when it's finished.

  3. I love Mario, He's a lucky boy.