Friday 5 April 2013

A Lovely Year of Finishes: April Goal

I have put off setting my goal for April as I couldn't decide what it should be! I have several WIPs that could do with being looked at but no major deadline for any of them (which is nice!). 

First up my Something New Sampler needs quilting. 

Then I have the Mario quilt, which now has 4 completed blocks and 1 half sewn. I could make this a priority to get more blocks done and maybe complete the quilt top.

Then I have the hexies which I should do something with, a mini quilt maybe...

I have another quilt top that has been waiting patiently to be quilted for well over a year now! This double nine patch quilt is for our youngest daughter. There is a lot of white space on this quilt though, which does scare me a little. I had originally thought of hand quilting in the white space, but I think my child will have left home before I get that completed, so machine it is. Straight line, FMQ?? 

For the last few days I have focused on sewing all the 1" squares together for the question mark and fire flower Mario blocks. I think if I do too much of this quilt in any one go I will loose my sanity! There are so many seams to match it is painful after a while. 

I am uncertain about the quilting design for the double nine patch quilt and don't want to rush in, what's another month on top of a year or so!! It's not her birthday until November, so maybe next month I'll focus on this one.

So, my goal for April will be to quilt the Something New Sampler! This should be fun as I think I will quilt each block differently and then maybe an all over pattern on the green borders. Watch this space ...

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  1. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Something NEW Sampler! I've recently done a quilt just like your 9 patch for your daughter. I straight lined through the coloured squares diagonally across the quilt and fmq'd in the large white areas. Your working on some lovely projects :)