Wednesday 3 October 2012

WIP Wednesday

I finished something this week! Yay! 

Firstly, I have so very nearly completed the cushion for my daughter's bed. Nearly a week in advance (most unlike me!). I blogged here that I had nearly completed it! I just have to add the buttons now.

I have my fingers crossed blue really is her favourite colour! I must now make a cushion pad to fit inside, my cover is typically not a standard size! 



Earlier this year I started knitting a pair of socks. For a long time I had one sock, but now I have two!!! And they fit too. I don't do a lot of knitting but when I do my stitches are often too tight so things end up smaller than they should. But thankfully these fit nicely. Only issue is they are hand wash only! Eugh, I hate doing laundry let alone hand washing!
The wool is Opal Nightlife 5734. They took less than one ball of wool. I love the pattern, especially as it is just simple knitting and nothing fancy to get confused over when I haven't touched it for so long! So pleased with them. 

And finally, the kids and I made a cake for hubbies birthday yesterday! This went down a treat! Can't beat a good chocolate cake on your birthday :)

Unfortunately, my Christmas quilt has been put on hold for a minute. I have some thread that I am experimenting with and some quilting patterns. But since we have another birthday next week there just doesn't seem to be enough time to do everything. 

I am also linking up with Freshly Pieced and The Needle and Thread Network. Can't wait to see what others have been up to this week.



  1. Love the blue and I really need to try knitting some socks . . . they look so comfy.

  2. Cute Socks, love them! Lucky girl getting that pillow too.

  3. I love those hexies, the white outlines are yummy. Don't worry about the blue - it's just a great cushion cover!

  4. I don't even get to finishing the first sock, so you are way ahead of me! Great cake too. Putting the cupcakes as another layer is inspired and rustic at the same time!

  5. Your cushion looks great. I especially love the pieced back.

  6. Great socks. You should be able to throw them in the washer with everything else. Sock yarn is usually superwash wool. I make socks for my son and I know he doesn't hand wash anything, and his socks look fine (he has felted a couple of sweaters, though.)

  7. Esp. love your cushion cover - SO nice!! Thanks for linking up to wip Wednesday where I've had the pleasure of guest-hosting this week!

  8. Blue is my fav color too and your pillow cover is lovely! And great socks!